Smith Wavy S85

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Smith Wavy S85

From light games to sea bass SW dedicated sinking minnow
wavy S
Wavy was launched in 1994 as a pioneer of mass-produced domestic saltwater sinking minnows. Wavy, which was a specially designed minnow that was still rare at that time, produced remarkable results from light games to sea bass and gained the support of many anglers.

Eventually, Japanese saltwater games became more diverse and lures were subdivided. And in 2011, Wavy was renewed more practically. Equipped with hooks (made by owner Cartiva) that are most suitable for the targets that each is good at. And the color lineup has been renewed. Wavy, who created the era, goes to the next stage.


In the plugging game in the bay area and reef, the minnow is required to be strong because it directly aims at the points such as tetra, bridge girder, and reef.

The line eye plays a very important role in controlling the movement of the lure, and even a small change can ruin the swim. The wavy lip attached to the front of the conventional minnow protects the line eye and at the same time realizes a sharp rise, so it is safe to attack the point you think is right here.

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