VARIVAS Tackle Cleaner Spray (ni Syu!)

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VARIVAS Tackle Cleaner Spray (ni Syu!)

Hit the tackle!

Outstanding effect in preventing tackle rust and salt contamination!
Introducing a new trigger nozzle that is easy to spray!

By neutralizing the salt content with strong alkaline water developed by Morris, it prevents oxidation and protects important tackle from rust. Prevents rust on metal parts such as guides and hooks for reels and rods, and prevents salt stains on fasteners such as backing and wear. Also, by spraying it on zippers that have become stuck with salt, it has the effect of resolving this problem. (*Depending on the degree of sticking, it may not be resolved.)

[How to use]
After fishing, swipe at the fishing spot! Shush! Spray it evenly on the tackle, and after returning home, wash the tool with water and dry it. Electric reels can also be used, but reels that cannot be washed with water should be thoroughly wiped with a wet towel.

*Since no chemical products such as surfactants are added, it can be used safely without damaging the material or causing skin irritation.
*Since it returns to water after use, it is environmentally friendly and does not pollute.

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Dimensions 10 × 35 × 6 cm


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