Tackle House K-TEN TKP-YK

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Tackle House K-TEN TKP-YK

As a horizontal floating popper, it has a highly versatile overall length of 115mm and a weight of 29g, giving it a perfect flight distance. By adopting a heavier weight and making the cross section of the body square, it has a floating setting and is easy to handle at various speeds. In addition to being used as a normal horizontal floating popper, this body shape and the RM system, which is an evolution of the K-TEN system, create fascinating ripples even when staying and retrieving slowly, and appeal with a rolling action even at very slow speeds. It can swim without being too violent during high-speed retrieval, and has the necessary functions as a horizontal floating popper.

In line with the idea of ​​the K-TEN series, which has been around since its introduction 36 years ago, of making the mechanism as simple as possible without compromising on functionality, the exterior design is never flashy, but the internal mechanism is constantly being updated. For example, the magnet used in the RM system has one side rounded to fix the weight at one point. To be precise, the weight continues to move finely while being subjected to external forces while in contact with the rounded surface of the magnet. By changing the shape and mounting angle of the magnet, a new function is created that is not completely synchronized with the movement of the water, creating a sense of life. When this magnet is attached to the body, the shape of the body always faces the south pole, so if you float the TKP115YK on still water, it will eventually point south.

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