START Rod Protector

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START Rod Protector

The pioneer of rod protectors. A super popular item born from the field that made the name “START” nationwide.


The separate type has long been the mainstream in offshore rods.
Exposed carbon blanks that are not protected by EVA or cork are sometimes fragile, and if placed in a rod holder, they are often damaged or scratched by the shaking of a moving boat.

This rod protector was born from the idea of ​​` `Is it possible to enjoy fishing without worrying about scratches?’ ‘

The first thing I thought about when creating this product was its quality. If it’s just to protect the blank, you could probably design and build it on your desk.

We are fishermen. As an angler, I want to be able to catch more fish in terms of quality.
After repeated prototyping and actual fishing, we arrived at a weight that not only does not cause scratches, but also eliminates the instability of the rod caused by the lighter weight and provides an outstanding sense of stability. Ta.
In addition, considering that it may be removed on board the boat, we designed it so that it can be attached and detached smoothly with a single touch, bringing out the potential of the original blank and creating an item that we can be proud of as having achieved a comfortable usability from an angler’s perspective.

In addition, the simple design is simple and timeless, and the rich and colorful color variations are designed to tickle the playful spirit of anglers.

Just a rod protector, but a rod protector. This is also a product that START is proud of.


M size 8.3~10.5Φ L size 11.3~13.5Φ

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