START 2step TG JOY Complete

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START 2step TG JOY Complete

Sophisticated compact body with specialized sensitivity


“Everything about fishing for sea bream” that START has cultivated over its 10 years of history and experience.

A new standard model created by combining all the knowledge we have.


The head uses high-density tungsten and has a more compact silhouette than conventional products.

Not only has it become smaller, but it has also been redesigned from the ground up, and has been designed through numerous tests to quickly sense complex tidal changes such as double tides and reverse currents, allowing you to concentrate on the moment when you can catch a fish.


The special shape, with attention to detail, makes it easier to transmit changes in the current to the hand, so it will meet the angler’s desire for one more fish.


About the differences from conventional products

Conventional product “2step TG”

・Head shape with light pulling resistance and easy to feel changes in tidal current (versatile)

-Light pulling resistance, so you won’t get tired even if you wrap it for a long time

-Uses a replaceable soft tube, so even if it deteriorates, it can be replaced immediately


This product “2step TG JOY”

・Head shape (specialized type) designed to make it easier to sense more complex tidal changes

・More compact silhouette (compared to conventional products)

・Uses highly durable pipes that do not require replacement


Regarding usage with conventional products

Conventional product “2step TG”

Recommended when the tide is big or early, or when there is high activity when red sea bream will eat even if you roll early!


This product “2step TG JOY”

Recommended when the tide is slow or slow, when the tide is rough, and when you can’t get through even if there is a hit!


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