START 2step TG Complete

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START 2step TG Complete

ou’ll understand if you use it. START’s absolute confidence product, “2step TG”, a Thai mule specialized only for “catching”


The “2step TG” is a product that I am proud of and has been producing overwhelming fishing results ever since I started making it as a hobby .

This is a one-of-a-kind high-density tungsten tie rubber that has been tested repeatedly with the aim of catching one more fish .


The important factor that determines the number of bites and the quality of hooks in Tairuba is the “stability of the unit.”
Therefore, by creating a hole behind the free movement hole in the head part, we created a design that allows the root of the tie to enter the head part, allowing for stable movement.

It has a light pulling resistance and a head shape that allows you to feel the complex changes in the tide, so you won’t get tired even after a day of fishing, and it is recommended for beginners, as well as female and child anglers who are not confident in their strength.


START’s absolute confidence in the coloring, as red sea bream also attack the head part.

Please try its fishing power.


■About pipe replacement

If the pipe gets damaged, you can use it comfortably for a long time by replacing the pipe using the separately sold “line protection pipe”.

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