Smith Panish 120F-SW

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Smith Panish 120F-SW

The long-selling trout minnow “Punish” has been improved for salt water.
Punish allows you to create a roll-based feeding action when you just roll it, and a flashy panicking (dirt) action when you add a jerk.
This minnow has a manual feel that can be used in various situations depending on the angler’s operation.
It can be used for a wide range of targets such as blue sea bass, blackfin sea bass, blue fish, and flat fish.

When the action is just rolled, it is a roll-based feeding action.When

the action is just rolled, it is a roll-based high pitch action. Even if you increase the winding speed, the swing width of the action will hardly increase, it will only increase the pitch of the action, so it is compatible with all retrieve speeds from slow to fast.

Panic (dirt) action in jerking

When you add a rod action to the roll action of just winding, it becomes a panic (dirt) action that makes the rod fly from side to side. It depends on the rod you use, but even a light twitch like flipping a line slug with the rod tip will cause it to dart to the left or right, making irregular actions from the angler’s side to the pin spot. It is also effective to use it in a way that causes it to happen intentionally.

The diving range is approximately 100cm.The

diving range is set to approximately 100cm in seawater (this may vary slightly depending on the usage situation and tackle, etc.). Regarding the range setting of approximately 100cm, it is an exquisite range that if you dive deeper than this, it will be difficult to use in surf or rivers, and if you do not dive further, it will be difficult to use on rocks or quays with high footholds. This range setting was chosen to provide an all-round usability in the salt lure scene.

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