Smith KB-F UV-LED Light

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Smith KB-F UV-LED Light

For 3D eye production, various lure tuning, rod repair (thread part), epoxy fly production, fly line-leader connection, and other fishing gear production and repair.
Uses a cylinder-type container. Therefore, it is very easy to fine-tune the extraction work. You can also use the resin cleanly to the end. Uses a needle tip with a bent tip and a diameter of 0.8 mm. Detailed work has also become easier.
Irradiate the UV light for “a few seconds to a dozen seconds” or expose it to the sun’s rays (about 1 minute) in fine weather to cure it. Since curing starts by absorbing UV (ultraviolet rays), the timing of adhesion can be controlled.
Since the viscosity of the resin is set above a certain level, it is possible to heap up the convex resin.
Since it is a one-component type, it is easy to handle and can be cured in a short time. Can be stored indoors. (Long-term storage is possible under light-shielding conditions)
Since no solvent is used, it is environmentally friendly. PAT.P: Utility model registered

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UV x 1 light, LED x 1 light


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