Hots X Momoi Slow Style PE X8 (300m)

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Hots X Momoi Slow Style PE X8 (300m)

As a remarkable feature, the 8-braided line has an unprecedented and different-dimension PE with ultra-low elongation and ultra-high sensitivity.
While standard PE has an elongation of around 5%, SSV-X8 has between only 2.8 and 2.9%. The line has succeeded in reducing elongation by some 40%.
Momoi’s new technology has developed a special three-layer resin-coated PE line under the supervision of HOTS coming from a lot of field tests.
We have designed for a few years and made a lot of samples.
SLOW STYLE SSV-X8 makes a high performance in middle-deep sea fishing and a deep tai-rubber due to its features.
In addition, the feature of the line also makes a big advantage in fishing using a thin line like a tip-run, tai rubber, and light jigging at the shallow area.
Both its straight strength and knot strength are high, and these make a capacity of adaptation against a sudden big fish.
SLOW STYLE SSV-X8 has 6 sizes from # 0.4 (8lb 3.6kg Max) to # 1.5 (25lb 11.3kg Max), and you can choose from the following 4 spool types, “100m x12 connected spool “,” 200m single spool “,” 300m single spool “,” 600m single spool “, and” 1200m single spool “.

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PE 1-300M, PE 1.2-300M, PE 1.5-300M, PE 2-300M, PE 2.5-300M, PE 3-300M


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