Hots Stiletto Slow Style 2nd Generation

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Slow Style (2D)

A new slow style with the butt part changed from plain weave cloth to 4-axis carbon cloth. Achieves a high level of strength enhancement of shape restoration force and twist suppression without increasing weight. The torsional strength is significantly improved compared to the conventional carbon blank, and the blank performance is dramatically improved. The highly elastic carbon blank, which is light, strong, and hard to twist, also gives the benefit of increased sensitivity. The tip side has an unsanded finish with a 1mm pitch to maintain lightness and strength.
Titanium frame torzite rings is attached to all guides. Torzite, which far surpasses SIC in terms of tenacity and bending strength, is line-friendly in terms of wear resistance. The reel seat uses PTS for the bait model and TVS for the spinning model. Both models have an epoch-making locknut system that suppresses the loosening of the main nut. The latest reel seat improves operability for both bait and spinning models. The bait model is a spiral guide setting that eliminates contact between the blank and the line.
A third-generation slow style that inherits the basic performance but sublimates further minor changes at a high level. Produces a sharp slow action, and the ultra-sensitive echo transmission ability reacts to even a small bite. Performance that covers jigging in the near sea, from inch games to surveying and blue-backed fish, and supports mid-deep sea. A new slow style that has been repeatedly developed and tested not only in Japan but also in the waters of South Korea and Taiwan. I want you to enjoy the delicate and tough total balance performance.

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SSS-64LST, SSS-64M ST, SSS63L(Bait model)


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