Shout Slide Actor Jig

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Slide Actor Jig

A long jig “Slide Actor” that shows an amazing dirt with an assist-only one-pitch jerk.
An asymmetrical delta form created as a result of clarifying the top and bottom of the jig at the time of dirt and pursuing a shape that penetrates underwater without stalling.
The three edges regulate the flow of water on the jig surface, giving the jig straightness.
The front nose has been stripped of extravagant meat to reduce pulling resistance.
After a long-distance dirt, it rolls and falls in a horizontal position, and the three flat surfaces diffusely reflect even the slightest deep light.

Amberjack, crazy dance!

Sink this jig to the depth that you can see from the boat, and lightly jerk it so that it does not jump out of the water.
The jig released from the repulsive force of the rod starts to run on its own.
“Hey, how far are you going?”
Jig took the shock leader and darted sideways as he wanted.
At this time, the leader hanging from the rod should be in the shape of a “” in the water.
In that state, jerk again without winding the reel.
This time, dart even bigger in the opposite direction.
If you look at this dirt, you should understand how to make the slide actor act.
It cannot be said that this jig has been mastered if the rod is bent and made to act while always giving tension to the line.
Give as many lines as you like to the self-propelled jig after jerk with assist only.
The jig that started self-propelled amplifies the lateral dirt width for each jerk.
This jig has something to inspire, insult, drive and attack amberjack’s instincts!

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