Ripple Fisher Silver Stream

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Silver Stream

Silver Stream/Seabass・Akame/Sea Trout・Sea Salmon etc—
We have added 2 models, the “Northern” to target the sea trout and sea salmon in the SilverStream series, which were middle-class land-based rods to target seabass, flounders, and barramundis. 3 models in the Flows series to decipher the intricate current from its super sensitivity, 2 models in the Red-Eye series for the monstrous seabass and Akame (barramundi) and now the 2 new models in the Northern series for use with metal jigs or jig-minnows to target the sea trout or sea salmon consist of our SliverStream lineup. There is no power class in the series, and all have unique characteristics for the different species but there is one thing in common. That is the absolute butt power to deal with the lunker size targets. The SilverStream series are models which will perform to their limits depending on the anglers’ needs and usage.

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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 190 × 8 × 5 cm

Silver Stream 68 Big Swimmer, Silver Stream 96 Flows TZ Nano, Silver Stream 81 Stiletto, Silver Stream 810 Flows, Silver Stream Red Eye 87 Nano, Silver Stream Red Eye 97 Nano


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