Smith Shirasu Minnow 40

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Smith Shirasu Minnow 40

Small & Slim sinking Minnow for
Saltwater Light Games Shirasu Minnow
Shirasu, which form a flock in the surface area of ​​the coast and swim in shallow water, is a good baitfish because it is easily targeted by much predatory fish. Shirasu is generally represented by juvenile anchovy and juvenile anchovy, and there are also cases of sardine and sardine, but this place is used as a general term for juvenile and juvenile sardines. , “Shirasu” which cannot be removed as a fish eater bait, and ultra-small baitfish are expressed from various angles.

A place where many kinds of fish appear depending on the season, such as harbors, quays, and breakwaters, which are easy fishing spots. What can be said in common with the target fish of the light tackle game in such a place is that there are many cases of preying on ultra-small bait fish represented by Shirasu. “Shirasu Minnow” is a perfect match for those ultra-small baitfish. It is a small slim minnow plug for you to enjoy the light tackle game in such a situation. The flight distance does not come out only like a small and slim Shirasu, but it has power that can not be imagined from a small body form.

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