Palms F-LEAD 90S

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Palms F-LEAD 90S

Dedicated specs for aiming flat fish

With a body size of 9 cm and a slender lure shape, the weight of 26 g draws out the flight distance that is important in surfing, and you can attack firmly to the offshore break.
The center balance weight mounted inside the lure maintains a horizontal posture and rolls when it lands on the water, so it appeals to flushing. In addition, the large lip grips the water well when swimming, creating a great wobbling action even with heavy sinking lures. A strong action appeals to a wide range, stimulating the predatory instinct of flat fish on the bottom and driving them ferociously crazy.
A rolling swivel is built into the front hook eye part. The hook rotates freely, greatly reducing hooking out of hooked fish. Furthermore, the sand and gravel of the surf disperses and reduces the tip of the front hook from becoming sweet by rotating.
The main targets are flounder and magochi. It is a flat fish special specification that establishes a surf plugging game.

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