Seafloor Control Oblique R 80g

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Seafloor Control Oblique R 80g

Hairtail capture
NAV series first item “Oblique”. A high-performance and affordable jig that is indispensable for conquering hairtail. As you know, it is popular with a wide range of generations as jigging that anyone from beginners to experts can easily enjoy. The NAV series “Oblique” of Sea Floor Control is a jig that keeps costs down considering the action required for hairtail jigging where the predation pattern changes rapidly and the high loss rate. (To keep costs down, unlike other jigs, it is not made in Japan. The quality of the finish etc. is different. Thank you for your understanding in advance.)
The rear center of gravity, which follows the conventional product of Shizuka Earl, is designed so that the jig does not run wild with a fall. Eat-in middle long fall. The image of raising the jig straight and dropping it straight. It is also effective when you have a cannibalistic pattern, when you want to pull out a large hairtail, or when you are sticking to the bottom and do not follow. Assembled around a long fall.

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Weight 0.105 kg
Dimensions 25 × 16 × 2 cm

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