HOTS Kansuke Standing Marlin 59 (Live Bait)

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HOTS Kansuke Standing Marlin 59 (Live Bait)

Not only hunting big targets in Japan, Mr. Cho Kangsoo, who traveled the world just for craving bigger targets, is a giant fish hunter who is well known to specialize in big game. With a personal record of 230Kg blue marlin in Yonaguni Island, 270Kg blue fin tuna and also other monster fish in Canada, Bali and other countries. With all his experiences, he decided to develop a rod that contained his own criteria for big fish. “KANSUKE” is a standing marlin rod that was supervised by such a huge fish hunter and praised highly. Composite glass material with optimal balance for blanks to fight against monsters over 100 to 200 kg.
Blanks material that can withstand high drag tension exceeding 20 kg is a masterpiece, and not only with super strong bat power and high resilience, ascribe to the optimal balance of the material, the bending pf the rod stably stays with the action from the fish. 370mm long foregrip that supports various anglers The guide thread is tightly tightened with triple wrapped so that it endures even with full bending. The grip end is equipped with an aluminum gimbal. We highly recommend you try out its powerfulness and total balance performance.

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Kansuke Standing Marlin 59XH, Kansuke Standing Marlin 59XXXH


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