FCL Labo CSP Slim

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FCL Labo CSP Slim

There are fewer fish.
As you know, lures are used as a hobby.
I think that it is normal for each lure to have its own balance and functions, but the reality is that the actual situation is that the patterns are not yet known, and that all plugs are used in the same way. . This makes many things unusable. There are lures that trick fish to catch, but there are many people who can’t fool fish (laughs).

Fishing on the basic surface is a mystery and the fish themselves are easy to bite. It’s not strange to think that the more undersurface it is, the harder it is for fish to eat.

In other words, if you are worried about how to fish, basically try using top water. Then it’s a good way to say that you’re going to put it in the water gradually.
again. It is a basic part to say that the operation speed is slowed down from the fastest one. In other words, there are more important things than diving posture and fluctuation.
It’s OK if the fish is satisfied with just moaning behind the lure, but if you want to eat it, I think it’s necessary to break that condition.

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