FCL Labo CSP EXT 230

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FCL Labo CSP EXT 230

The CS-P is designed to prevent the fish from becoming astringent due to the motion stop when underwater, by using chop bubbles and a system that forces the water flow to the left and right.
The world is full of slightly upright diving type fish pencils, but I think you can see it as a slightly different lure.
The basic pulling method is characterized by diving by jerk and forced swimming by pulling as it is.

but. As you know, even if it’s a surface, its expressive power is greatly different with its width of only 30 cm. For example, there are things that mainly operate directly below the water surface or above the water surface.
The good thing about CS-P is that it can withstand a certain amount of speed during wobble. As I said earlier, the mouth is designed to receive water, so it means to endure water to some extent.

In recent years, various sizes and shapes have appeared, so I will explain the basics. Minnows are basically the position of the pencil in surface games such as GT and Hiramasa.
It’s not just lipless, but for example, there are many lineups between surface pencil Nas Pen and TG Minnow.

TG minnow is literally minnow. The basis is a plug that swims in the water. GT fishing is very easy to use, just reel it in at full speed and pull it while chewing bubbles from time to time. It’s a minnow, so it’s natural.

So why is it a little difficult to get attached to the name of the pencil? The big difference is that it doesn’t voluntarily dive into the water because it doesn’t have a lip.

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