DECOY Pike Sato Bending “ProPack” (AS-05SP)

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Pike Sato Bending “ProPack” (AS-05SP)

Mr. Norihiro Sato, who introduced slow jigging with slow pitch jerk, long fall jerk, and light tackle, tunes the pike! Adapted to the slow jigging technique, tuned to a hook angle that makes it easier for fish to catch, based on the performance of the pike. This hook angle prevents snagging and catches the target reliably even when aiming for aggressive bottom objects and root fish.


● Norihiro Sato has tuned the pike to achieve ultimate penetrating power and holding power.
●A point angle that adapts to slow jigging techniques and is ideal for aiming at the bottom, making it difficult to catch roots.
●In addition to increasing the strength of the first vent, the CF processing has been further strengthened to prevent cracks, etc.
● Axial strength is further improved by reinforced flat processing on the two curves where force is applied.
●The barb part is set large to prevent it from falling out.
● Rust-resistant, highly corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment are used.

●Eco & Pro Pack, great value for money.

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