Cultiva GEKITO Edge Tungsten Jig (GJTG)

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GEKITO Edge Tungsten Jig (GJTG)

More and more companies in the fishing industry, are adopting the use of Tungsten for the construction of metallic jigs, because of the better properties compared to lead, in fishing applications. Tungsten is a heavy metal, with 1.7 times more density compared to lead, which offers jigs made of this particular metal a number of advantages. One basic advantage is their ability to withstand currents. At the same time, it is harder as a material, so the jigs are not easily worn out either because of extensive use, attacks, or hits on rocks.

Tungsten is a material that can be found in nature, in small quantities, and only in compounds with other elements, a fact that classifies it as a high-cost material, both because of its rarity, but also for the separation procedures it needs to go through. Tungsten is also considered an “ecological material”, friendly to the natural environment, but also to humans. For many experienced anglers, the fishing techniques they practice require casts such as (Shore Jigging, Slow Jigging, and Jigging) consider tungsten to be the material of the future.

The Cultiva Edge GJTG jigs are made of Tungsten. The Edge is a mid-weight jig, with a wide profile, that produces its best action during descent. It also works well during retrieval, if you follow a slow and rhythmic rod pattern. Owner Cultiva succeeded in correcting the weak points of conventional tungsten jigs, which usually involve a lack of motion even with jerks, or that it immediately drops when released due to its shape, design, and weight distribution.

This is a jig that works. During descent, it stays in a horizontal position, one that resembles the action reproduced by lead jigs and can not be achieved with a conventional tungsten jig. This has been made possible because of the hollow gap that Cultiva created on one of the sides of the jig. This hollow side grabs water during descent and enables the jig to achieve the horizontal posture.

Owner did not simply place a wire inside the jig, but a steel metal frame, that covers the entire body of the lure. This gives the Edge GJTG rigidity, resistance to large game attacks, and strength. The Owner Cultiva Edge GJTG can be fished both from the boat and from the shore.

The Cultiva Edge also achieves an outstanding flight distance, due to its high specific density and compact silhouette. Since its silhouette is small, it is ideal when the prey is small.

To summarize the Edge is a jig in which Cultiva has realized an attractive motion during retrieve and a horizontal descent.

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