Smith Chinu Pen T Rubber

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Smith Chinu Pen T Rubber

Chinupen tuning model Chinupen T mule that can be eaten by the movement of the rubber tail
The “Chinupen T mule” is a tuning model equipped with a tailhook dressed with a rubber tail (long-tail) and silicone rubber (short tail) on a conventional chinupen.

This rubber tail is linked to the wave motion from the main body of the chinupen, which has a strong water push, and stimulates the chinupen with shimmering and moving, and brings it to the bite.

The unique movement of rubber combines suppleness and elasticity that are difficult to express with other materials, and it produces various changes depending on how the action is attached. Since the number and length of attachments are due to the existence of the main body, it is a tuning to bring it into the bite while maintaining the original function.


As a supplement, the chinupen, which has a short travel distance and appeals, is also highly effective for other fish species: sea bass and plating. Please try it once.

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